What is Swiss Voile

A a lot of Major Pakistani Brands make Swiss Voile suits and they are incredibly beautiful. A lot of our clients have asked this question – as what is swiss voile. Here is our little research on the topic:


The word ‘voile’ has been taken from the French word ‘veil’, which means Vela – “The Covering”. Therefore the  Voile is a lightweight and wooven cotton made from either wool or Cotton. It is usually a beautiful looking fabric , which is perfect for sultry and summer weather. It has been used by the makers of the Pakistani clothes for years and its usually a good substitute for the Lawn Fabric. Swiss Voile suits are a little more expensive than the Lawn suits , as they are more “pure”. To be honest all ladies have a particular choice , some women like Chiffons , some like very light lawn and some are die hard fans of the Swiss Voile. You need to wear to feel the “Voile”!!


Some of the best makers of Swiss Voile collection among the Pakistani Suits designers are the Charizma,  Adan’s Libas !!

At the Fashion Station – we do keep Swiss Voile from the leading designers from time to time.


The Gulzar Manzil – Swiss Voile from Adan’s Libas: epitomizes the classic – age old traditional embroidery techniques of the east, revolutionized as the contemporary with the mechanized perfected embroidered detailing. Shot, in the beautiful haveli of Omar Hayat, it foretells a tale just as eerily beautiful and powerful. It portrays the modern day woman, seeking her roots woven in colors of the west with the traditional prowess of the east. techniques such as qalamkari, kantha, lakhnavi kari are explored in a foray of colors on the premium swiss voile fabric complimented by printed tissue silk dupattas and embroidered chiffon and net dupattas!




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