Why a lot of Patience is Required when shopping for Original Pakistani Suits

Why a lot of Patience is Required when shopping for Original Pakistani Suits?

Hi! here we are again with another Important and a very frequent question which a lot of clients , re-sellers , whole-sellers have asked us when they shop from us? Original Pakistani suits are a very difficult business , a very tough one indeed. There are a number of reasons for the same. Its not as easy to shop for Original Pakistani suit as it is to shop for any other salwar suit from websites like AMAZON , FLIPKART , MYNTRA etc. If you are shopping for an Ordinary dress – its easy to find a lot of good sources , a lot of sellers , vendors etc , its a red ocean full of a lot  of suppliers who provide Original and an amazing Indian dress material and at a reasonable price. But when it comes to Pakistani Suits and that too an Original , things become tough , sometimes very tough.

Lets discuss why stock is delayed :

  • Unfortunately – We don’t have very cordial and good relations with Pakistan – which is the largest supplier of LAWN (A special kind of cotton ).  Sometimes trade is hit badly because – there are long periods of NO trade with them, due to Political and Geographical reasons. This leads to uncontrollable delays in getting the stock. We however – always try to book our stock in advance , mostly we take bookings at the same time a collection is announced from a designer , so that our customers get the collection Fastest in India. Still , on rare occasions – we become helpless as no TRADE takes place.
  • On occasions – stock is stuck with customs – although we have a dedicated team which takes care to get custom clearance -but still stock is delayed for some unknown reasons.
  • Weather also sometimes play a spoil sport in getting stock on time. Bad weather conditions , hamper the movement of stock from landing ports to our warehouse – which leads to a lot of delay.
  • Frequent strikes  , local festivals , off days for banks , couriers etc are also a factor in getting timely delivery of goods.

Although – above factors is a big reason for delay , majority of our clients and customers , understand the situation and are very patient. Yes they are – as they know its worth a wait. They know even if the stock is delayed but The Fashion Station will supply an ORIGINAL product if they have ordered an Original. That’s the kind of Good will and cordial relation which we enjoy with our clients. We are proud to have such clients – who are so very patient and they have huge trust in our service.

There are a few measures which we have taken and at the same time – we need cooperation from the customers who want to Buy only Original Stuff from a trustworthy store :

  • We have mentioned tentative release date and ship time on every product details page. This is the date when the stock is expected to arrive in India. On 90% times – we will get the stock on promised date – however there can be occasions – due to factors mentioned above when the stock is delayed for unknown and uncontrollable reasons.
  • We do not want you to book a dress from our website from upcoming or prebooking category or status if you want to wear it for an Occaion like wedding etc – as there can be delays and your plan to wear the dress at the right time may be spoiled. Its never about the money – its about your mood. We don’t want to spoil your mood. Never ever!! If you plan to wear it on an occasion then we suggest you shop from slightly older collection which is READY TO SHIP.
  • From your end – we just need your support – of course if the delay is really really long – we always give an option to you to take a refund (as a last resort only) or get something else from READY TO SHIP category.

One more thing we expect you to keep in Mind. Usually we the Fashion Station – will provide you any collection FIRST in India. This means that no other vendor can provide you stock faster than us , even if its delayed , still you will be able to flaunt it if you buy from Us. Its our promise. However – keep in mind there are people and vendors who will promise you faster delivery – just make sure you don’t get a master copy instead of an Original from them. 🙂

Some sites , sell products at a significantly lower price then us – we dont force you to buy stuff from us but when you shop please make sure about the following :

  • Its not LOT stock. LOT stock is the stock when a company or a designer – sells unsold and left over pieces at a discounted price after a long time of release date. Now this is Original stock – but trust us most of the time it will not have the Quality that a fresh piece will have as its mostly tried out or returned items. Not defective but not as fresh!
  • Check if its not a super comparable master copy. Yes – you may be fooled by providing you a master copy but not an Original.
  • Check if it does not have minor , unnoticeable defects.
  • Check if a GST bill is being provided to you! Yes !! when you shop from Fashion Station – we will provide you a GST bill – we pay all our taxes , duties etc , you may download the GST invoice from your dashboard.

We always try to get the stock as soon as we can – we are proactive in informing the clients – if there are delays due to above factors. We would like to thank all our clients , vendors , support staff who have always been supportive. Lawn , Chiffon , Pakistani Lawn market needs your support to grow in India. We also want good relations with our neighbors and  at the same time we want economies of south Asia grows , and India becomes a market leader in the whole region.

Looking forward to your continued support and trust-  Team The Fashion Station 🙂




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