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pakistani suits

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Out of Hundreds of Ratings – we have earned 4.8 stars out of 5!!



Open Pictures from House of Mist Ghazal Vol 3

Open Pictures from House of Mist Ghazal Vol 3   [...]

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New Brand House of Mist Creates History

New Brand House of Mist Creates History Introduction: The Emergence of New Brand House of Mist In recent years, the fashion industry specially the Salwar Suits has witnessed the rise of many successful brand, carving their own niche in the competitive market. One such notable brand that has managed to [...]

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Ali Xeeshan: The Fashion Maverick

Ali Xeeshan: The Fashion Maverick   ## Early Life and Education Family Background Ali Xeeshan, a talented fashion designer hailing from Indian-Sub-Continent, has made a name for himself with his unique and flamboyant designs. Born in Indian-Sub-Continent, Ali was raised in a family that valued creativity and self-expression. His parents [...]

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Dior Fashion Show Mumbai

Dior Fashion Show Mumbai: A Look at the Most Talked-About Event in the Indian Fashion Scene Dior, the iconic French luxury brand, recently held its first-ever fashion show in Mumbai, India. The event was a celebration of the brand’s deep-rooted connection with India, a country that has always been a [...]

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Buy Pakistani Suits Online – Rank #1 in India –  Best Collection of Salwar Suits & Salwar Kameez from World’s Biggest Brands.

Buy Pakistani Suits & Dresses Online Shopping in India. Shop  Original Lawn Dresses, Salwar Suits, Sarees, Kurtis & more at Rank 1 in India.

Why The Fashion Station is the Best Place to Buy Pakistani Salwar Suits Online:

Brands:  The Fashion Station has largest Collection of Original Pakistani Designer Suits Online. The brands Include Gul Ahmed , Sana Safinaz , Elan , Zara Shahjahan , Maria B and many more.

Safe & Secure: Fashion Station uses highest possible security standards of online shopping, like use of Safe & Secure SSL Encryption.

Easy Returns: We have 10 days easy returns policy. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason you can return the product that did not meet your expectations.

Trust & Honesty: We are 100% Honest in our dealings with customers. We do not sell , endorse or advertise any kind of fake or replica items on our website.

Price: We have one of the lowest prices of the Products Online. From time to time we run offers and deals – lowest online price Guaranteed.

Customer Service: We provide friendly Customer Service with 100% Honest and fair dealings. All our products and Pakistani Suits are Guaranteed Original – in-fact designers endorse us on various social platforms.

Free Shipping & Cash on Delivery in India: We provide Free Shipping in India along with Cash on Delivery to more than 26000 pin codes in the country.

International Shipping: International World-wide Shipping is available through DHL & Aramex. Since 2016 , we have served more than 50000 National and International Customers.

Pakistani Suits Online | #1 in India | The Fashion Station

Largest Collection of Pakistani Suits Online:

Shop Original dresses under one roof from World’s Best and most trusted Salwar Suits Brands. Pakistani Lawn Suits are available from Various Brands Like Maria B , Sana Safinaz , Gul Ahmed and many More.

What are Pakistani Suits:

Pakistani Suits and Dresses are famous for their Lawn Cotton material, Importantly. Lawn is one of purest form of cotton mainly produced in northern plains of Punjab Region. Lawn is best suitable for Summer Season, its light and cool for summer weather. Women of our sub-continent prefer wearing Salwar Kameez and lawn suits are one of best kind of salwar suit.

Where to Buy Pakistani Suits & Dresses in India

Buy from largest collection of Designer Pakistani Suits & Dresses in India. Top Brands include Sana Safinaz, Zara Hayaat , Gul Ahmed , Khaadi , Maria B and more. These brands regularly launch their Catalog all around the year – like summer lawn , winter linen collections eagerly awaited by hundreds of customers. You can browse our collection using the links given below.

At the Fashion Station – we have categorized the collections according to type and as per brand name. Table of Contents given below for your reference:

Pakistani Suits Online | #1 in India | The Fashion Station

Don’t forget to check our Original Vs Replica Guide. From time to time we update our website with latest collection. You can also follow us on various social channels to get updates , instantly.

If you are looking to buy in Bulk or you are a business or wholesaler –  Firstly, you can visit our Business page here.

The Fashion Station – Pakistani Suits Online in India with Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery. Best Collection of Designer Salwar Suits , Sarees & Kurtis.

Buy Original Dubai Based Pakistani Suits, Salwar Suits , Kurtis Online in India with Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery. 10 Days Easy Returns. 5 Star Reviews. More than Two Hundred Thousand Fans on Facebook , More than Sixty Thousand Fans on Instagram Cannot be wrong!

Thousands of customers daily visit the Fashion Station to see and order Latest Salwar Suits, Designer Punjabi suitPakistani Suits. The Fashion Station has a Rating of 4.8 Stars out of 5 on Various Sites including Trust Pilot , Google Business and Facebook! Above all, most importantly, certainly – There is a strong reason to trust this brand , we have one of the best collection available on the planet , we have very high ratings and our customers love shopping from us.

Pakistani Suits Online | #1 in India | The Fashion Station

For e.g. The Image Brand , The Zara Hayaat Brand , The Ethnic Brand were introduced in India on FSTN. We have all kinds of collection from Unstitched Lawn Suits to Ready to Wear Stitched Pakistani Bridal Dresses and Kurtis. Thirdly, We have them all!

The Fashion Station – Online Pakistani Suits Deals only in Original Items , with and we hate Duplicate , Replica or Copied Products. All of our products are sourced from dealers associated with Original Online Pakistani Suits Brands. We are Proud to be part of the Start-up India and Stand-Up India Campaigns. Based in Delhi NCR – our biggest Value is Honesty with our customers. We try to give best and lowest price to our customers , we also have easy returns policy. If you are not happy with your purchase we have a 10 days no questions asked returns policy. For details you can read our returns policy here.

Online Pakistani Suits

We also have largest Collection of Original Designer Online Pakistani Suits from Best Global brands like MARIA. B , Sana Safinaz , Zara Hayaat, Elan and more. We have very Good Customer Ratings and Reviews available all over Internet. You can check 100% Honest reviews here.

Pakistani Suits Online | #1 in India | The Fashion Station

Salwar Kameez : Pakistani Lawn

Salwar Kameez is a traditional dress comprised of a sleeveless shirt and trousers. It originated during the Mughal period, and was originally a tunic with loose pants. In its later years, the style evolved into many different styles, including the famous Anarkali suit. This garment was often adorned with rich embroidery and was often worn by royalty. The Persian influence of the Mughal Empire led to its popularity, and the salwar kameez was soon regarded as the most fashionable clothing among the Mughal courtesans.

Pakistani Suits Online | #1 in India | The Fashion Station

The origin of salwar kameez is largely unclear, though it is believed to have come from ancient rulers. Central Asian invaders brought the style to India, and it became a popular clothing choice. Today, many women wear it in the United States, Australia, and the UK. It’s a versatile outfit for any occasion, and many cultures celebrate its popularity in both countries. It has a rich history – and is popular throughout the world.

The salwar kameez has become a popular style with more attention paid to the designs. Its long, straight silhouette has two slits on either side. It’s typically below the knee length, with a rectangular dupatta and chunni worn over the top. Various kinds of salwar kameez are popular for many occasions and can be paired with various types of pants and tops.

What is a lawn suit?

Lawn is one of Purest form of Cotton and Lawn suit is traditional salwar kameez that is perfect for Indian Conditions. Cheap pakistani suits online are available in India on the Fashion Station.

Lawn Salwar kameez is very popular among women. It is extremely stylish and trendy, and it can be worn with a variety of outfits. The most common varieties include the Anarkali suit, Patiala suit, and Churidar suit. Other variations include the Pakistani pant and the cigarette pant. It can be a very easy choice for your special event or formal gathering. With so many variations in this style, you are sure to find one you’ll love.

Pakistani Dresses Online

Pakistani Dresses Online – The traditional pakistani suits and  salwar suits is an excellent choice for weddings and formal occasions. It is a traditional Indian dress, and should be worn by men in your life. However, you should be careful not to over-accessorize.

Rather, try to keep it as simple as possible, and remember to keep your accessories to a minimum. Those who have the same taste will be the most beautiful. The SALWAR KAMEEZ is a perfect choice for an evening out.

The salwar suits originated with the Turko-Iranian horse riding steppe people in Central Asia. It was later adopted by the Mughals, and the style soon became popular in many cities in the country. It is now worn by women of different religions and traditions. The modern salwar kameez has been worn by Indian women for centuries, and has gained immense popularity in the world. This is a timeless and fashionable Indian outfit.

What is special about Pakistani suits?

Pakistani Suits are Special as every design in a particular collection is Unique and Special. The Colors , patterns , embroideries etc are different from every design. They use pastel colors most of the time , and main fabric is lawn. Lawn is one of the Best form of Cotton available, perfect for Summer and Humid weather conditions.


Fashion Station is best Place to shop for Pakistani Suits, Lawn Suits , Traditional Dresses and Kurtis Online in India.


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Buy Pakistani Suits Online – Rank #1 in India –  Best Collection of Salwar Suits & Salwar Kameez from World’s Biggest Brands.