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Original vs replica

Original vs replica vs master copy











In the Start Itself , let us tell you our philosophy. Sometimes if collection is cancelled from the designer or the collection is not available for any reason , we will SAY SORRY TO YOU and refund the AMOUNT , instead of sending you fake COPY! WE Hate FAKE COPIES , WE HATE REPLICA, we LOVE ORIGINALS – This is why the Fashion Station is what it is today – SYMBOL OF TRUST!

Original Vs Replica Vs Master Copy – The Difference between Original and Replica or Master Copy is that Original is made and Promoted by the Brand themselves. Original is First Hand Work of the designer or the owner and replica is Fake Copy of that Original Product. The replica is harmful for both Brand and Customer as brand may loose their business and their name (if customer is not aware that its replica) and for customer its just an inferiorly made item. The replica or a copy or master copy will not be able to perform or look the way an Original item looks in the picture. The Replica will fade or get damaged in first use or during first wash. So, if you are thinking about short term gains like saving some money , you will end us spoiling your mood and wasting your money if you buy a copy or fake or replica item.

Planning to Buy a new Dress ? Learn difference between Original Vs Replica (Pakistani Concept Dress Material ) Vs Master Copy

We Strongly discourage customers to buy Replica or Copies as they are of very Inferior Quality and are enough to spoil your mood or occasion if you plan to Buy them.

Its always better to Buy one original dress rather than buying 5 fake copies as they are really not worth your hard earned money. People who wear Originals Often will come to know easily if you are wearing a fake dress.

Pakistani Suits and Lawn Suits generally have a higher price tag of more than 2000/- on most occasions. Everyone cannot afford these costly material. So, what some local manufacturers are doing these days is that they are making a “Pakistani Concept Dress Material ” or a Replica which is creating a copy of the Original Product. These replicas are pretty cheap which costs sometimes 5 or 10 times less than the Original dress. For e.g. the Sana Safinaz Chiffon Original collection’s price is around Rs 10,000/- , however its Georgette replica is available for only Rs 1999/-.

So, what are these Pakistani Concept Dress Material  and Master Copies ? Are they worth it ? These are some questions that come to the mind when we buy these dress material and most of the times majority of customers do not know the exact difference.

The Replica are really not worth as you will not feel like wearing it even once and once you send them for a wash your hard earned money goes to the Bin!

Replica or Pakistani Concept Dress Material

in a simple sentence means ” Copy of the Original Pakistani Suit or Dress Material”.  “Replica” are available in several types. There are some low quality replicas that are made from poor Quality cotton and poor embroidery. The best thing to look at is material they have used. The replica makers often use Satin instead of Lawn and they use Georgette instead of Chiffon. There is no finishing in the material and you will get no Satisfaction by wearing a fake item!

Master Copy:

Master Copy is also a replica but slightly more similar to Original but still you won’t be happy paying 1/2 the money of Original for a Dress which looks like complete a Fake Dress.

Our Suggestion to you is always Buy Original and that too from a reputed store. Do not Buy from Random dealer based out of whatsapp or Instagram. Often such resellers will never entertain your complaint , and will never accept the return if any way you dislike the item. Some times customers are trapped badly, therefore no matter from which store you Buy , always read  reviews of Online store or buy from a Good store or showroom!

Its possible that sometimes even Original Goods are not as per your expectations , so you may like to return it, therefore always buy from a Store that accepts returns for 100% Satisfaction and peace of Mind!


If you have further queries , don’t hesitate to contact us. You may contact us via Whatspp at +919990968786 or via email at care@thefashionstation.in and we will gladly help you chose the best dress!




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