Changing Trends in Clothing

Changing trends in clothing

Changing Trends in Clothing


The Explanation:

Everything changes consistently no matter remains the same from the ages with no change. Am I right? Yes, well that is the rule of the universe. The fashion industry tends to change rapidly. Have you ever thought about what might be the reason for the change? Who is responsible for all the variations? Well, the reason is the change in the fashion trends is correlated with the changing time. I feel you people need some solid functionalities for this change. Absolutely; there is no need to worry you are at the right place.


Well, there might be a handful of reasons for the change in the fashion trends but how to realize the perfect reasons? Here is the elucidation. To realize the accurate reasons for the change one needs to examine the graph of changes.


Am I making it complex to understand?  Have you remembered the stories that were told by our grandparents or some other photographs?  We often notice their albums in black and white color right! Think for a moment what else you noticed in those pictures? The pattern similarity in clothing. At that time our ancestors did not focus on fashion, they just focussed on clothing.


Wait, what is the discrepancy between fashion and clothing?  This is a well-grounded question. It is absolutely important to be aware of those terms. Clothing is something that you wear but fashion is something that you want to be and want to resemble through attire.


Over the ages there is a radical change in the fashion industry; individual choices made this change possible. For example, Most of us prefer activewear/ sportswear for workouts right! Have you questioned why we prefer them? Well, its tight-fitting allows one to focus on the fitness moves. Are you not convinced by my answer? Fine, let’s imagine you wore a long Pakistani suit or heavily stitched suits in the gym. That attire not only makes you look senseless and sure that will be the main reason for your discomfort.

Changing trends in clothing

What happens if you start going to the gym in that attire? Let me tell you, you become exhausted by the costume. In the actual scenario, you need to be exhausted by the exercise! Sounds funny but that’s the fact! This is the effective hidden factor for the change i.e; Comfort.


Well, a bunch of questions already popped up in your minds? such as Why do trends change? How fast do they change? What influences the change? Relax! Relax! lock your confusion here as you are going to get some facts down when you scroll up. What’s late? just relax and scroll down.


Why do the trends change?

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Can you eat only one variety of cuisine in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner? it will be pleasing for a maximum of one day then you get vex of that right! This same happens to the people also no one can’t continue the same patterns and models.  This is the basic step to bring the change.


How fast do they change?

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We all are conscious regarding the woman’s wardrobe. You can find a lot of different models from palazzos to Kurtis, from cotton to silk, from lehenga to saree. Well, the change is accelerating as much as the model gets acceptance. For example, a few years ago we didn’t have floral print casual Kurtis but now we can feel the branches of them. Likewise, the rate of change and acceptance are interlinked.

Changing trends in clothing

What influences the change?

Fast fashion/ future of fashion/ fashion change/ fashion retailers/ hair color/ clothing style/ climate change

This is a sensible question but vital too. We have several stages in a daily routine such as workout, office routine, schooling, casuals, sometimes we need to shine up in office parties, birthday parties for that we need party wear, some times for family gatherings festive seasons, wedding seasons we prefer to wear ethnics and so on. Clap for yourself as you got the reason. Yes, another reason is Exposure.


Impact of these changing trends on the market

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Several brands always offer their visitors and customers a wide range of choices. But what is the position of the small-scale firms?  they tend to be lost as they cannot change immediately according to the fashion. Well, digital platforms are the premier solution. This also reduces the maintenance charges and helps to accelerate the net profit.


Popular trends

Shift in consumers/ fashion brands/ virtual fashion/ retail tech

Women are the most nominated persons for fashion trends but there is another side of the coin that is none other than Men! Men also have various designs which enhance their attire. The evolution of men’s fashion is quite interesting. You people want to know how the trends become popular then swipe up!


Social media and films are the biggest swaying factors for popularity. Fashion can be adapted with just a glance. The footprints of the fashion will be very deep. For example, if you saw a suit somewhere at a glance you solely liked, can you forget that? A big no!  apart from the changing trends with the changing time nowadays we became the spectators of one reverse fashion.


Did not get my point? Well, I am delineating the old trends. Nowadays they are coming up again in the name of vintage, retro, and so on.

Changing trends in clothing

It seems weird that the Old pattern became the trending one? Well if you perceive from the roots the main reason will filter out is the artwork and the Elegant attire.


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