Dupatta Types in Salwar Kameez 

pakistani dupatta

Dupatta Types in Salwar Kameez   Elucidation   The dupatta is an essential part of salwar kameez ensemble and is considered a symbol of a woman’s respect. Essentially, the dupatta is often treated as an accessory in current urban fashion. Most of the women who carry it nowadays, wear it just as a decorative accessory; […]

Lawn Suits – What is Lawn Cotton


LAWN SUITS – LAWN COTTON Lawn cloth or lawn is a plain weave textile, originally of linen but now chiefly cotton. Lawn is designed using fine, high-thread-count yarns, which results in a silky, untextured feel. The fabric is made using either combed or carded yarns. When lawn is made using combed yarns, with a soft […]



Pre-Booking Orders Pre-Booking of recently launching Pakistani Salwar Suits Collections and Indian Replicas of Salwar Kameez Catalogs with Free Shipping and COD. We believe in latest trends and styles. Most of the stock on our e-store is under pre-booking which means that a collection has been announced by the designer and photo shoot has been […]

Why a lot of Patience is Required when shopping for Original Pakistani Suits

Why a lot of Patience is Required when shopping for Original Pakistani Suits? Hi! here we are again with another Important and a very frequent question which a lot of clients , re-sellers , whole-sellers have asked us when they shop from us? Original Pakistani suits are a very difficult business , a very tough […]


MARIA.B. OR THE MARIAB – SHOP IN INDIA ORDER HERE : https://www.thefashionstation.in/product-category/mariab-pakistani-suits-pakistani-suits/  MARIA.B – One of the top Pakistani Suits brands in the World and it is extremely popular in India!! They produce the best Lawn , Chiffon and Silk suits which are supplied all over the world Including India. Here is a little background […]

Why Indian Women Love Pakistani Suits

WHY INDIAN WOMEN LOVE PAKISTANI SUITS    Pakistani suits have gained a lot of recognition in the Indian market off late, and the women of the country have been absolutely loving them. Lawn suits are the traditional Salwar-Kameez made with the fabric called ‘Lawn’. The ladies prefer wearing something that is very comfortable, as they […]

Zaha by Khadijah Shah – New High-street Brand


  Zaha by Khadijah Shah – New High-street Brand     Khadijah Shah, the founder and Creative Director of leading luxury brand Élan is now set to launch Zaha; a high street label committed to bringing chic, innovative and quality driven design to fashion savants across Globe including India!!. Internationally acclaimed for her designs, Khadijah […]

Pakistani Clothing – Why Pakistani Dresses are Amazing

  Pakistani Clothing – Why Pakistani Dresses are Amazing     A very long  and shared history that Pakistan shares with India, there is quite a similarity in the dressing styles when comparisons are made in certain regions. Pakistani clothing is very similar to traditional Indian Clothing and Salwar Suits. Of course today, many youngsters […]

Open Pictures Pakistani Suits

  Open Pictures Pakistani Suits Want to see more? [kleo_button title=”Discover Here” href=”https://www.thefashionstation.in/open-pictures-pakistani-suits/” style=”default” size=”” ] *Please Note Open Pictures are available for select Collection only. Please don’t request us for open pictures of any Random Collection.