How to choose the best dress material for a particular dress type?

How to choose the best dress material for a particular dress type? The Explanation:  Indians adore their dresses with lovely beautiful colours. We love sprucing up and dressing like nobody else and nobody knows what number of particular fabrics are indigenous to our socially rich nation. In any case, there are couple of fundamental fabrics […]

Kurtis Online

Kurtis Online The Explanation: Pakistani Kurtis Pakistani kurtis are known for their elegant style, embroidery, and varying cuts. They have a charming style that makes them ideal for casual and formal wear. There are several different kinds of kurtis available in the market. Due to their popularity over recent years, many designers have added their […]


DESIGNER SAREES FOR WEDDING The Explanation: Types of designer sarees for weddings Every wedding unique and so is the couple getting married. Sarees are a traditional, magnificent attire full of vibrant colors that brides must choose carefully. There are tons of designers to choose from, but you must consider your complexion, body type, budget, and […]

Anarkali Dress Online Shopping

Anarkali Dress Online Shopping   The Explanation: How to style Anarkali dresses Anarkali dresses or suits are iconic pieces in any fashion lovers wardrobe. They are frock style, floor-length dresses, also referred to as Anarkali Salwar Suits. They are the go-to outfits for many women who are looking for something comfortable, but that will also […]

Dupatta Types in Salwar Kameez 

Dupatta Types in Salwar Kameez 

Dupatta Types in Salwar Kameez   Elucidation   The dupatta is an essential part of salwar kameez ensemble and is considered a symbol of a woman’s respect. Essentially, the dupatta is often treated as an accessory in current urban fashion. Most of the women who carry it nowadays, wear it just as a decorative accessory; […]


Pre-Booking Orders Pre-Booking of recently launching Pakistani Salwar Suits Collections and Indian Replicas of Salwar Kameez Catalogs with Free Shipping and COD. We believe in latest trends and styles. Most of the stock on our e-store is under pre-booking which means that a collection has been announced by the designer and photo shoot has been […]

Why a lot of Patience is Required when shopping for Original Pakistani Suits

Why a lot of Patience is Required when shopping for Original Pakistani Suits? Hi! here we are again with another Important and a very frequent question which a lot of clients , re-sellers , whole-sellers have asked us when they shop from us? Original Pakistani suits are a very difficult business , a very tough […]

Open Pictures Pakistani Suits

  Open Pictures Pakistani Suits Want to see more? [kleo_button title=”Discover Here” href=”” style=”default” size=”” ] *Please Note Open Pictures are available for select Collection only. Please don’t request us for open pictures of any Random Collection. 

How GST will Impact the Textile Industry including Salwar Suits in India

  How GST will Impact the Textile Industry including Salwar Suits in India Goods and Services Tax has been a revolutionary step taken by the Central Government in India. Almost 17 indirect taxes have been clubbed or merged into 1 single tax known as GST. We are calling it revolutionary as this is one of […]

Our Stitching Work

Get your Dresses Stitched by our professional Tailoring Service, we solve the puzzles easily and make a beautiful suit from it 🙂 💃💝 Attached are images of some of our work! For details visit : [kleo_button title=”ORDER STITCHING” href=”” style=”default” size=”” ]

Salwar Kameez Sarees Diwali

  Salwar Kameez Sarees Diwali The Explanation: Salwar Kameez Sarees Diwal– The favorable and consecrated celebration of Diwali is recently round the corner. Diwali or Deepawali is one of transcendent celebration celebrated by Indians around the world. Diwali is a celebration of light symbolizing the triumph of good finished shrewdness. It is an opportunity to […]

Shop Anarkali online in India

  SHOP ANARKALI ONLINE INDIA – WHY ANARKALI SALWAR KAMEEZ ARE SO POPULAR     Anarkali Suits (Wiki) really are an Indian variant of Gowns. All things considered, that is the thing that individuals say. The genuine Anarkali Suits that are said to be worn by the acclaimed Anarkali were intensely weaved with various plates […]

Best Salwar Kameez Shopping Site

Best Salwar Kameez Shopping Site Top Contenders : 1. This one has to come first hands down. The whole nation is completely dependent on Flipkart for nearly all their shopping needs. Flipkart provides everything from gift vouchers to electronics to home appliances. In fact, statistics claim that there are more items on flipkart than in […]

Gul Ahmed Pakistani Suits

  Gul Ahmed – Founded by Haji Ali Mohammad, Gul Ahmed Group (Cloth Company) is a Pakistani company that includes Gul Ahmed Textile Mills, Gul Ahmed Energy, and Habib Metropolitan Bank. Bashir Ali Muhammad is a business leader in the state of Pakistan who is chairman of the Gul Ahmed textile mills limited and the […]