Why COD is NOT Available for Order Value above INR 5000

Many a times – we see a lot of Customers ask us why we do not provide Cash On Delivery for order Value over Rs 5000/- (INR)

We are always happy to provide best service to our clients , we take our clients feedback really seriously as clients are our biggest asset- however due to certain reasons we are unable to work as per clients demands. One of them is Cash on Delivery for Goods valued over INR 5000/-. In eCommerce industry logistics costs is one of the biggest cost which effects over all sales price of a commodity. On one hand we provide Free shipping all over India on all prepaid orders – and on the other hand we have kept a fee of Rs 200/- per order on any Cash on Delivery Order that is placed on FSTN. There are reasons to keep this fee

  • Courier companies charge us a minimum fee on every COD order as cash handling charge in addition to the courier charges based on weight of the parcel.

However in spite of us keeping a fee on COD orders – we still do not provide COD on orders above Rs 5000/- due to the following reasons:

Some customers do not accept COD order at the time of delivery due to various reasons – including change of mind , delay in delivery of order ,  fake orders , a slightly better deal on some other website / vendor etc. Due to this the parcel comes back to us which is called as RTO or return to Origin – which includes 200% courier fee. That means that for a parcel that is not delivered and comes back to  us we have to spend approx Rs 400-600 INR unnecessarily. Moreover if the material was short in supply it is blocked only in transit for 15-20 days – and during this time a genuine buyer is not able to buy that product as it becomes temporarily out of stock! So- in the end only the genuine customers suffer due to non-delivery of a confirmed COD order.


We are always happy to provide COD of any value to all genuine customers who have a good track record in accepting COD orders. We process such orders manually and change a high value transaction into COD for all genuine clients. On the other hand – we blacklist all customers who do not accept COD orders without a valid reason.





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