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Pakistani Kurtis

Pakistani kurtis are known for their elegant style, embroidery, and varying cuts. They have a charming style that makes them ideal for casual and formal wear. There are several different kinds of kurtis available in the market. Due to their popularity over recent years, many designers have added their own twists to this traditional-style attire and this post will show you some of these styles.

Kurtis online


  1. A-line Kurtis

Kurtis Online – This style is quite popular among youngsters. It can either be ankle or calf-length, flaring from the waist, which gives it that characteristic ‘A’ shape. A-line kurtis are ideal for formal, casual, festive, college, daily, and even party wear. This all depends on the kurta’s design and embellishment. These style kurtis are ideal for women with pear-shape, hourglass, or rectangle shape body types. You can pair them with heels or flat shoes.

  1. Anarkali Kurti

These style kurtis are ideal if you are going for a graceful, elegant traditional look. Women can wear them regardless of their body shape, and there are a variety of ways to style them. You can get them in knee, ankle, calf, or floor-length cuts. These style kurtis are ideal for formal, casual, wedding, and event wear. For daily wear, anarkali kurtis, go for plain and simple designs.

  1. Angrakha Kurtis

These style kurtis are the modern version of the traditional tunics worn by royal court magicians. The kurta is made of two similar or contrasting flaps that lay on each other and secured by straps on either side. If you want to look more traditional, you can adorn it with beads, tassels, or even pom-poms. Anarkali stylee angrakha kurtis are the latest trend now because of its feminine and modern look. They are ideal for all body types and are available in short, knee, and calf-length cuts.

  1. Dhoti-Style Kurti

Recently dhoti style women fashion has been gaining popularity, from dhoti pants, sarees, dresses to even gowns. Kurtis have not been left behind either with women wearing these style kurtis as an ode to the traditional garb. It’s loose and draped design makes it easy to wear for all women. The draping can start from the neckline or the bodice. Some kurtis even feature a belt to cinch the waistline area. They are ideal for weddings, pasties, or festive events. Avoid pairing them with jeans, skirts, palazzo or straight trousers.

  1. Flared-Style Kurti

Flared style kurtis are loved for their feminine look and gorgeous flowing character. They exude elegance and a sense of freedom. There are wide flared and narrow flared kurtis ideal for casual, party, wedding, and festive wear. Flared kurtis are great for tall women, and shorter, petite women should avoid flared hemlines. They are available in short, knee, calf, ankle, and floor-length cuts.

Kurtis Online – These kurtis can be paired with leggings, cigarette pants, dhoti pants, churidars, jeans, patialas, and matching or contrasting capris. There are kurtis for every occasion and need, and that is why they are favored by many women, from college girls to housewives and even working women. The versatility of the kurta makes it a must-have, and this fuels its everlasting popularity.




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