Anarkali Dress Online Shopping

Anarkali Dress Online Shopping


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How to style Anarkali dresses

Anarkali dresses or suits are iconic pieces in any fashion lovers wardrobe. They are frock style, floor-length dresses, also referred to as Anarkali Salwar Suits. They are the go-to outfits for many women who are looking for something comfortable, but that will also stand out. Buying an anarkali is quite easy; you can get them from clothing stores or order one online. The tricky part is styling your anarkali dresses right. Here are some great styling tips to help you out.


Anarkali dress

  1. Go for jhumkas

These style earings have always gone well with the grand look of anarkali suits. Opt for long jhumkas to give the illusion of having a longer neck. You can also style your hair in a messy updo or side bun to better frame your face and accent the jhumkis. If you are attending a wedding, you can wear diamond studded earrings, a Kundan jewelry set, chandbali earrings, or pearl jhumkis.


  1. Wear a statement necklace

A lot of anarkali dresses are heavily embroidered, so wearing a statement neckpiece might seem redundant and over the top. But you can still pair your anarkali suit with a statement necklace if it has a plain yoke or a deep neckline. Chocker-style pieces with gem, pearl, or stone accents complement this outfit beautifully. Try and keep your jewelry to a minimum to maintain your sophisticated look.

  1. Wear a pair of high heels

A pair of heels can complete any outfit, and with anarkali, it is no different. A good pair of heels will accentuate your hips, making you look fuller and improve your gait too. You don’t have to get six-inch stilettos and have them pinching your feet. Get yourself a comfortable pair of platforms or wedges. This way, you are still comfortable, and you look good.

  1. Go for darker colored Anarkalis

Darker shades are great because they not only look good but also help hide flaws or problem areas. They give the illusion of a slender frame and allow you more freedom when selecting dupattas and jewelry because you can pick pieces that stand out more easily. With darker shades, you can highlight your best features and even play around with your makeup looks, such as going for that dramatic cat-eye, red-lip look.

  1. Add a dupatta or stole to the look

Carrying a dupatta can be a daunting task; however, you can’t deny the elegance it adds to any outfit, even the simplest of anarkali. When selecting a dupatta, make sure you choose the right color, style, and length to complement your anarkali. A short dupatta can ruin the whole look, but a lengthy one can be difficult to move around in. Wear your dupatta to the side if your kurta is heavily embellished or embroidered. You can also experiment with different draping styles, such as wrapping them around your waist, or hanging them over your shoulder and wrapping them on your wrists. If dupattas are not your thing, you can go for a stylish stole, which will give your anarkali a contemporary diva look.

Style your anarkali suit to match and showcase your personal style. When you look good, you feel good, so don’t forget to match your hairstyle to the look you are going for.



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