Lawn Suits India – What is Lawn Fabric


Lawn Suits India – What is Lawn Fabric

What is cotton lawn fabric and from where to Buy Original Lawn Suits in India.

Lawn fabric is a silky substrate and it is purest form of Cotton which is lightweight and is identical to batiste or voile with a bit more of a structure to it. Cotton lawn fabric is mostly made of 100% cotton; however, lawn is found in other types of fibers as well. The threads in this particular fabric are quite fine which can result in supple drapes that are perfect choices for linings and warm weather clothes.

What is a fabric substrate

A substrate is the type of fabric that a design is applied to. This also involves the weight and the weave structure of the fibers. Cotton lawn fabric is made with smaller yarns.

Characteristics of cotton lawn fabric

Lawn and voile often gets mixed up. Lawn generally has a higher thread count and smaller yarns. It further has a crisper hand than voile; however, both fall under the category of being lightweight cotton. As with most fabrics that are lightweight, lighter colors such as white or pink, often have some elements of transparency to them. Despite how light they are, lawn tends to resist wrinkles and clothes keep their shape well. There’s a couple of things that one can do that may make their experience of working with cotton lawn even greater.


Lawn suits are the best choice for women in the Subcontinent (India , Pakistan, Bangladesh) as weather in this region is humid and hot. Lawn is perfect attire to wear in summers in India.

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