Best Place to Shop Original Pakistani Suits in India

Best place to shop original pakistani suits in india


Best Place to Shop Original Pakistani Suits in India

Dear Patron,

I am delighted to inform you that Recently one of the World’s Largest E-commerce Research Agency- MOZ (Website conducted a survey and found that is India’s number ONE website to shop Original Pakistani Suits in India on Google. We are really thankful to all our customers , our team and our patrons to make this possible.  We promise that we will continue to do the Business honestly.

Below are some of our Values:

  • We are always committed to do our business honestly as we feel that without being honest you will not be able to survive for a long time in any business activity. That’s the reason we have clearly labelled our products as Originals or Replica on the website.
  • We have always given our honest opinion to our customers when it comes to selecting an Outfit irrespective of the profit we earn. We tell them which material will match the purpose for which they want to shop.
  • We give proper timelines when it comes to delivery of products. There are no false promises. Although there can be delays in getting stock sometimes as we sell Imported items.
  • We understand customer requirements and listen to their feedback with open mind- and try to implement if its possible. For e.g. we usually send our parcels to Jammu and Kashmir using Ecom express courier as we learnt from our customers that they have best service in that area.
  • Sometimes our prices may be a little higher than our competitors – as we sell Only Originals – the products which are marked as ORIGINALS.

These are some of the reasons why we are proud to become India’s best website to shop original pakistani suits in India.


Best place to shop original pakistani suits in india


Above Data: As per MOZ as on 25th January 2018.

Because – we are also Humans- so we will make some mistakes! However – we promise that we will listen to your feedback & complaints and try to resolve them as soon as possible. Sometimes – our customers complain that we deliver products late and there are random issues about late delivery. We agree that yes – we are sometimes late in delivering the products and trust us we are improving our operations to make it better. However please be informed that any new catalouge or a new Pakistani collection – is launched FIRST in India only on The Fashion Station. No e-commerce website can get a collection in India faster than us.  However – we will definitely try to improve as we know there are areas of improvement. On the other hand – we request you to bear with us if there are delays due to reasons beyond control as we work differently from websites like Amazon or Flipkart.


If you have any suggestions for us please do email us at [email protected]


I wish you all the Happiness of the World and May GOD bless you!


Lots of Love


Syed Husain 



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    • The Fashion Station says:

      Dear Roohila

      Our collections are SOLD out mostly during pre-booking period. However if you want to order something which is not available you can whatsapp us at +918826278688 along with Image or SKU – we will try to arrange for you.

    • The Fashion Station says:

      Dear Winnie

      You can place the order the way you do on other websites by add to cart and process to checkout. For any assistance please whatsapp us at +918826278688.


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