Zaha by Khadijah Shah – New High-street Brand



Zaha by Khadijah Shah – New High-street Brand


Zaha by Khadijah Shah


Khadijah Shah, the founder and Creative Director of leading luxury brand Élan is now set to launch Zaha; a high street label committed to bringing chic, innovative and quality driven design to fashion savants across Globe including India!!. Internationally acclaimed for her designs, Khadijah has steadily expanded her label to include award-winning bridal wear, coveted couture, impeccable luxury wear, sold-out seasonal unstitched collections, ready-to-wear pret and leather accessories to name a few. With an eye on international fashion, a solid understanding of the local market and her inimitable aesthetic, Khadijah is geared once again to revolutionize fashion in the sub-continent.

Here is a sneak peak to her upcoming work of 50 incredible Pakistani Suits:

Zaha by Khadijah Shah – New High-street Brand

Make heads turn in COCO as seen on Zara. With its graphic dark base and jewel purple accents this print will add an instant wow factor to your look.

Zaha by Khadijah Shah – New High-street Brand

Mushk is distinctive in NOEMIE with shades of orange interspersed with paisley motifs and bold embroideries that come together to create a visually stunning print. Style yours with tassel earings and boho chic sandals for a look that’s à la mode!


According to the designer, this new project is very close to her heart and even the name has been coined based on some very personal reasons. “It’s a combination of the names of my two sons: Zayd Akbar and Hakkan and my newborn daughter’s name is also Taalia Zaha. The word ‘Zaha’ itself stems from Arabic origins and means ‘to blossom’ and I hope to nurture this brand and make it grow. Also, Zaha Hadid was truly a legendary, inspirational woman and this is my way of paying homage to her strength.”

One remembers a time, not too long ago, when Khadijah was just as enthusiastic about the role she played within Sapphire. Will she be bringing those same aesthetics into play with this new label or will she be diversifying into new directions?


“The label will focus primarily on casuals,” she outlines. “I’ve been observing the high-street and while some people may be doing good work, I feel that by and large, there is a dearth of design. There is a huge gap between exclusive luxury brands and what’s available in the mass market. Retail brands have become so focused on churning out mass quantities and price wars that design does not get prioritized. The clothes are forgettable and have nothing unique to offer. I am a big fan of print and with Zaha, I have created prints that are quirky, vibrant and fun. It’s everyday clothing, but with a distinctive signature.”


The brand will be making its first outing in the market this August with an unstitched collection consisting of 50 designs, ranging from one-piece shirts to two-pieces and three-pieces. Prices are tentatively slotted to begin at Rs1800 and to remain below the Rs6000 ceiling and the clothes will be available online on 

“Even though there are designs which have very fine, well-conceived embroideries, it won’t be very formal,” describes Khadijah. “There are voile and lighter silk dupattas. We’re using 100% pure fabric but keeping the thread count of the fabric lighter because these are casual clothes for daily wear.”

Later, the designer plans to also create prêt. “We’ll be building the brand over time. I have a certain vision for the high street and I want to execute it, uninterrupted, over a span of a year, two years, however long it takes.”

It is no secret, of course, that earlier Khadijah’s vision was ‘interrupted’ when conflicts of opinion lead to her leaving Sapphire. Is it because of past bad experiences that she has now opted to fly solo?

Weighing her words, Khadijah surmises, “I do have a very strong vision and whenever I have worked with someone, I have prioritised that vision. But I realise now that when you work with someone, at some point or the other your ideas may get compromised. Roadblocks may get erected in order to make things difficult for you.”

“It hurts a lot at that point: when you create something, build it from scratch and make it a mammoth and then you get shortchanged and someone takes it away from you. You see your work right there but suddenly it’s alien to you. I don’t want to experience that.”

And less than a year since the news of her leaving Sapphire floated out, Khadijah Shah is ready to try her luck on the high street again, starting small this time but with big plans in the making. Let’s see what Zaha has in store.

These stunning designs will be coming to India only on The Fashion Station soon!!

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