Why Trustworthy Vendor is essential before shopping for Original Pakistani Suits

Many Consumers are skeptical or Suspicious about the functional mechanism of electronic commerce , its in transparent processes and effects and the quality of many products that are offered online. Trust is the most important aspect on internet shopping be it through an online shopping website or through whatsapp. This lack of trust is more visible in the Original Pakistani Suits and Dress Material market in India. There are “N” number of reasons for this lack of trust. Some of them are discussed below:

Many shopping websites and vendors selling their products through whatsapp “Sell” at a very competitive rate or rather at super bottom rate. So – how do they do this ? Simple – They sell replicas in an Original Packaging . These replicas are mostly sourced from a local vendor. More astonishing fact is that the Original product is not even out but you can see their replicas floating in the market. In the example Image below can you guess if it is a Picture of an Original product or a replica from the newest Sobia Nazir Collection ?


In the First glance this looks exactly like an Original- but of course it is not. It is a replica. Some vendors in the market will now pack this replica in an Original Sobia Nazir box and sell it as an Original and at a much lower price.

So- The situation is that you have paid for an Original but you got a replica. Is that Fair ? No- This is not fair at all. This is actually cheating.

There is another Situation where the Product is 100% original  and priced a way too low. So- how is that possible. The reason is that the product was rejected at the time of manufacturing but was still sold (Original but refurbished) and that too at a lower price.

In both these situations the end customer was cheated. Therefore it is very important that you choose and select the vendor very carefully. Read about them before buying. If you are buying from an unknown person via whatsapp – ask him to provide you details about his Facebook page or Facebook group. Try to Google about him before placing your trust upon him.

If you are buying online through a website find out why a website has priced the product way below their competitor. Of-course there will be some little difference is pricing of all websites. But- if you find a really huge difference – try to find out why and always buy from Trust-worthy websites and vendors.


At The Fashion Station- we have both Originals and Replicas. But – we have clearly labeled all our products as “Originals” or “Replicas”. All our Original products come with Original Guarantee Program. If you see anything on our website as “Original”- rest assured it will be 100% Original Guaranteed.


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