Why there is a difference in the Picture Shown and Actual Material Received ?

Why there is a difference in the Picture Shown and Actual Material Received ?

A lot of times our customers ask us why they have not received the Tassels , hangings along with the material when it was shown in the Picture. We will try to answer this concern here in the best possible manner.

First of all lets check this FAQ :

Yes and No! They are provided by us only if they are supplied by the Designer. Usually tassels and other accessories are shown in the Product Image only during photo shoot and are not supplied with the material. Very a few designers will supply these “Extra” items along with the dress material. Btw – its not hard for the tailor to add it for you at the time of stitching. In picture you may see tassels and other accessories – its there in the picture to give customer an IDEA how they can add things to customize it.

We understand that the clients see the picture and then they buy a product. Also- their demand that product should be same as given in the picture is fair enough. But – please understand – All Pakistani Designer suits are Unstitched. This means that it can be customized in a lot of ways. In the picture designer is giving you an idea what you can do with the material at the time of stitching. Its not necessary that you follow what’s given in picture. For e.g. sometimes only half sleeves are shown in Model Product Picture. However designer does supply the material of sleeves with the dress material. Now its upto you to choose , if you want to make the dress sleeveless or you want sleeves to be attached. This goes with the Inner or lining part as well. Lining or Inner material is not supplied by most designers. At the time of photo shoot inner is there below the main fabric and sometimes due to the color of the Inner , the actual shade shown in picture may vary.

The shade can also vary due to type of lighting and photographic instruments used to click a picture. Now this is very subjective and a CON of online shopping to be honest. The actual shade may vary slightly and as an online shopper we need to have and set right expectations and consider that when we get the actual material , its actual shade can be a little different. Most of our customers understand this and are always ready to adjust. They know that such things can happen while shopping for Pakistani Suits online.

Same goes with the tassels , hangings , border material etc etc. All those accessories in the picture may not be supplied by the designer. The designer is basically selling only the dress material (Fabric) along with Patches (if any). Those hangings , tassels etc you need to add your self as per your choice at the time of stitching. Sorry for being blunt but yes , this is how Unstitched material will work. Same goes with Border edges etc. Please understand, its an Unfinished material you are getting and when you get it stitched the tailor will easily fix these things for you during PICKOO process.

Having said this – we are not running away from our responsibility – no never ever we will run. We have already suggested top designers to supply the following :

  1. Tassels & hangings if shown in picture.
  2. Provide properly finished Dupattas
  3. Provide enough fabric as seen in picture.

Please understand , we can only request them- we are only suppliers , whole-sellers and traders – we will ship to you what has been given to us by the designer. We won’t add anything extra if its not provided by the designer. We have some limitations.

Being a responsible online traders – we are also open for Exchange if you are still not satisfied with what we have mentioned in this KB. 🙂

Suggestions are also welcome – you can write to us at [email protected] and we will share your suggestions with the designers.

We thank you for your understanding in this regard. Hope your shopping experience with us will be an enjoyable one.

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