Why Indian Women Love Pakistani Suits



Pakistani suits have gained a lot of recognition in the Indian market off late, and the women of the country have been absolutely loving them. Lawn suits are the traditional Salwar-Kameez made with the fabric called ‘Lawn’. The ladies prefer wearing something that is very comfortable, as they wear such things on a daily basis. Cotton being the lightest material, is absolutely loved by all women, and that is exactly what they generally prefer wearing.

The lawn fabric is made from cotton, and this is one of the reasons why it is being loved by the Indian women. They can wear Pakistani Lawn suits on a daily basis, which makes it so much more easier for them to enjoy their day, and at the same time look good. Originally made up of linen, it gives a very silky and untextured feel to the cloth. The lawn fabric is basically lightweight and is also semi-transparent. It is available from soft, to semi-crisp, to crisp materials, so that the women can choose which one they are comfortable in. But the best part is that no matter how crisp the fabric is, it would never be completely stiff.

Lawn suits have gained a lot of recognition in India, and have been inspired by Pakistan’s heritage and culture. Even though Pakistani suits focus more on embroidery, the lawn suits in India focus more on the digital printing. This goes well for wearing it casually and informally.

The Making of the Lawn Fabric

While making the lawn fabric, one must always keep it in mind that they are very light weight. That is basically the highlight of the entire fabric, and this is the reason why women purchase this kind of a fabric.

The classic identity of a lawn fabric is that it is made up of thin and fine threads, and cannot be handmade. People use yarns to make this fabric, as it cannot be easily made by an individual, as it needs a proper and even weave to make it stable.

Once the fabric is ready, it is digitally printed, so as to make it look more interesting and catchy. Different patterns and designs are what the women usually go for, and these designs are digitally printed on the lawn fabrics, which are eventually sold further.

The lawn suits are mainly for the summer-spring collections. As this fabric is really light, it would not be comfortable in any other climatic conditions. Not so famous initially, the lawn suits have gained a great recognition among women off late, and these women have been absolutely loving it.



The Demand of Lawn Suits – Why Indian Women Love Pakistani Suits 

As mentioned above, the lawn suits were not in high demand initially. But now that the women in the country have started wearing it more often, they know how comfortable this fabric is. Since the time it has gained its popularity, it has been in great demand.

Not just this, the lawn suits have been designed a lot by the most famous designers, and have been in their ‘hottest selling’ list since then. It has been showcased on national and international runways for a few years now, and is still in high demand.

The main market audience for the lawn suits are the working and outgoing women. These not just know how to carry the prints on the lawn suits, but also give a whole new look to them. They can casually wear these to their workplaces or whenever they make an outing, as it is absolutely very comfortable to wear. This fabric basically focuses on the young women, as they can relate to it and carry it better.

How to Maintain the Lawn Fabric

The maintenance of the lawn fabric is not tough at all. Compared to the maintenance of the other fabrics, the lawn fabric is very easy to be taken care of. It can easily be washed in a washing machine without anyone worrying about it, and the prints would be just fine. It can also be washed in a regular way, as the prints would not fade away as they are digitalised.

The best thing is that they do not need extra care like a few other fabrics, and is very user-friendly. The only thing to take care is that they must not be directly exposed to the sun. As the prints on the lawn fabrics are digitalised, they might fade away if they are kept under the sun for a long time.

There are times when people face issues regarding the ironing instructions of the fabrics. But the lawn fabrics need no assistance or extra care while ironing and just the normal ironing would do its magic.


The Pakistani lawn suits have been loved by the Indian women over the past few years, and they have been constantly opting for this material. This is only because it is user friendly, and also very easy to maintain. MariaB, Sanasafinaz, and Gul Ahmed are a few places where you can get the best and original Pakistani lawn suits from. Why Indian Women Love Pakistani Suits  – I hope you have got the answer to this Question!!

Written by : Dalip K. for www.thefashionstation.in

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