Tailoring services in India Online 

By 2016 Indian online shoppers were expected to have touched 40 million. As life gets busier, people have become accustomed to having everything delivered to their doorsteps, including groceries, house cleaning, beauty products, and clothes. Today, you can get a custom-made saree, lawn suit, or Kurtis by ordering one online.

Major fashion e-commerce stores like the Fashion Station have extended this service to their loyal customers, making it possible for you to get any design your heart desires. They take care of all your stitching requirements, whether you need customization or fresh stitching. With experienced tailors and designers on board, stores can create the perfect outfit.

How does it work?

Every custom design starts with an image of the design you have in mind. When surfing online, or through a magazine, you might have come across a design you fancy, but you can’t get a ready-made item in the design.

Choose the fabric you would like for your saree or lawn suit and have it sent to the store. In most cases, you also need to provide embellishment. If the store sells the accessories, you are in luck, but it’s better to send them together with the fabric and photo of the design you want.

You will need to put up a deposit or pay the amount in full before any work can begin. This protects the store from incurring losses when some scrupulous customers refuse to pay. Once everything has been received, the store will get to work to deliver your design.


Tailoring services in India Online

Read their terms and conditions 

The first thing any customer wants to know is how long it will take to receive their item. There is no clear answer to this, but most stores will take between one to two weeks if you are within India. Anyone outside India must wait between a month and six weeks before their item is shipped to them.

Tailoring services in India Online  – Be careful not to confuse how long it will take to stitch with the delivery day. If you are not in India, for instance, you need to factor in how long it will take for your garment to be stitched, and how long it will take for it to be shipped to you. If stitching takes four weeks and delivery takes 45 days, you should expect to receive your item in at least two months after your order is confirmed.

Also, the stores do their best to make the dress as the image given, but it’s your responsibility to ensure you give them everything they need. For instance, if your fabric, buttons, tassels, or accessories are not enough, the store will not be liable for the lack of exactness in your finished product. They will, however, do their best to provide the best-stitched dress according to their capacity and available resources.

Most orders cannot be canceled, and refunds are not available, so be sure you want to order a custom dress online before you commit. When working with a reliable and experienced store you will have nothing to worry about.

Tailoring services in India Online