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For Zara Shahjahan Lawn 2021, we travel back to my ancestoral land and take inspiration from the rich history of Nankana Sahib, formerly known as Talwandi. For me, this place holds a significance beyond what can be found in history books- it is a place full of love, a reminder of home and family. Growing up there was a palpable spirituality about the place and as the 18th direct descendant of Rai Bular, the ruler of Talwandi, we were told many tales of him and Guru Nanak: the two
men responsible for making Talwandi a Mecca of interfaith harmony through their exemplary friendship and their teaching to “be human first.”
This campaign then, is an ode to Nankana. It is shot in some of my best-loved old haunts as a child, from lush green fields to the hushed courtyard of my grandfather’s ancient haveli. I hope that it conveys the deeply spiritual nature and beauty of a place I- and countless others- hold so dear in our hearts.