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Sana Safinaz Designer Suits 

Sana Safinaz is a force to reckon with in the Pakistan fashion world. The Fashion powerhouse was started by two friends Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer, twenty-five years ago. The two have taken their brand from contour to pret and created a name trusted by Pakistani women both at home and internationally. The two have no fashion background and have, for the longest time, run the fashion house themselves. They started by designing light evening wear and bridals and worked their way up the success ladder from there. Today, they boast of several collections, including summer lawn dresses, winter Pakistani suits, chiffon, and silk collections.

Their success was a slow and subtle evolution, with the fashion house bagging three awards in 2014. For the first three years after inception, SanaSafinaz worked for Alkaram before they moved on to work for Lakhany. Most of their designs during that time were labeled SanaSafinaz by Lakhany. They have over 14 shops in Pakistani, with their collections being carried by numerous online retailers as well.

Sans Safinaz Collection 

Finding your foot in a competitive industry takes time, and one thing that has propelled Sana Safinaz to the top and kept them there is the timeless elegance and grace found in their designs. Here are some of the Sana Safinaz collection you can buy at The Fashion Station store. If you are lucky, you might get the design you want for a discount and have it shipped for free.

  1. Wedding collection

Nothing says luxury than a Sana Safinaz wedding gown. Designed with the modern bride in mind, the SanaSafinaz bridal collection is elegant, has unique cuts, and intricate embellishments. Any bride going for a sophisticated look will love their bridal collection. Sana Safinaz adds glamour to their gowns with vibrant colors and audacious cuts that inspire adventure. If you are a fun-loving bride, they have you covered as well. Their designs also include fun and spirit through flowy fabric and prints, comfortable for a summer wedding.

  1. Luxury designer lawn suits

Sana Safinaz luxury lawn suits are known to be sleek, contemporary, and streamlined in cut and appearance. They appeal to the modern women of all ages, bringing out elegance and class. This collection used cool colors such as blues, nudes, pale greens, baby pink, creams, purple, and gold. Patterns can be anything from florals to shapes.

  1. Summer collection

The modern woman is not afraid to make a style statement, and Sana Safinaz captures that in bold colors, prints, and designs. Their collection is usually a three-piece suit that deliberately use breathable material and luxury fabrics like silk dupattas, cotton trousers, voile, and poly net. To combine the bold prints and colors, Sana Safinaz cleverly uses intricate Indian embroidery to give their summer lawn suits a unique finish. Whether you wear their suits for an official or semiofficial occasion, you can be sure you will make a fashion statement.

  1. Pret collection

Sana Safinaz has a unique way of combining wearability and style in their pret collection. Fused from the eastern and western designs, the pret collection is a favorite among all ages. This is one of the most glamorous collections by Sana Safinaz.

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