Pakistani Suits in India

There is a growing Trend of Pakistani Suits in India. Some Pakistani brands like Maria.B. , Sana Safinaz , Gul Ahmed, Al Karam , have a huge fan following in India in spite of high price. Not only the Pakistani Suits are becoming famous with the premier Indian elite class but Mid-Class women and college going students are also crazy about the Pakistani suits. Pakistani Suits have a unique style, beautiful embroidery and some times they have swarovski crystals. 




It is however not very easy to get the Pakistani Suits stitched. They have a lot of patches and take a lot of time and effort by the tailor to stitch. However the time and money is not wasted at all because they are simply very different.


Some of the Indian companies have started to produce good quality Pakistani Concept Dress Material  for customers who cannot effort such Luxury Collection. However Buyers should be really careful before buying Pakistani Concept Dress Material  or so called master copy. Some manufacturers totally ignore the quality and just produce a very low quality cheap Pakistani Concept Dress Material  which will not last long and have very low quality cotton or Georgette material. But , there are some manufacturer’s like Deepsy, ShreeTex, Mahaveer Fashions produce good quality Pakistani Concept Dress Material.


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While buying Pakistani Suits online , one should keep in mind the following tips:


  • Make sure that while buying online  or through Whatsapp sellers – you ask them for proper bills and invoice.
  • While buying Pakistani Concept Dress Material ensure that they are produced by a proper brand and not stitched by a local tailor.

















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  1. Nilofar Jahan says:

    Hi all,
    I recently got an amazing experience with when i ordered a designer suit online. I am an online shopping freak and usually love to buy online as the price is cheaper and the collections are huge. I was kind of scared as we all know that the online drama in e-commerce is going on where you will see something else and once you will receive it will be something else. I ordered a golden and silver Noor-Bridal Collection as color silver has a feminine energy; it is soothing, calming and purifying. It is associated with prestige and wealth. It is seen as a glamorous, sophisticated color related to female energy, prosperity and modernity.
    The customer service i received from these guys especially from the owner herself Ms. Saba was amazing. She kept me updated every-time. In spite of being new to the market she was really professional and thinks about the customer point.
    I strongly recommend their service and wish they do well in the future with lots and lots of collection.

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