Pakistani Clothing – Why Pakistani Dresses are Amazing


Pakistani Clothing – Why Pakistani Dresses are Amazing

Pakistani Clothing



A very long  and shared history that Pakistan shares with India, there is quite a similarity in the dressing styles when comparisons are made in certain regions. Pakistani clothing is very similar to traditional Indian Clothing and Salwar Suits. Of course today, many youngsters in Pakistan have embraced Western style of clothing. But still Pakistani Lawn – is famous world wide due to its style , amazing embroideries , Quality of Fabric – rarely available with any other kind of clothing in Asia.

Wikipedia describes it here. 

Lawn Salwar kameez & lehenga are the ethnic  dresses worn by women in Pakistan. While shalwar kameez is also worn as a daily wear, lehenga is a typical attire for ceremonies and special occasions. Interesting patterns woven with lace are used to add feminine element to the lehenga. This is becoming very famous in India as well day by day.


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