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How we have defined our products Categories: 

At The Fashion Station we believe in complete customer satisfaction and we know very well that no business can survive without following business ethics and being loyal to the customers.  Online shopping is all about Trust and Honesty as the buyer is 100% dependent on what is been showcased on website.

So we have the following main categories of Products on our Website:

  1. Original Pakistani Suits” or “Pakistani Suits” – These products  are 100% Original made in Pakistan. These are all branded for e.g. Sana Safinaz , MARIA.B. etc.
  2. Indian Salwar Suits & Dress Material“- These products are manufactured and made in India. For e.g. Vinay Fashions  , Kimora , Sahiba etc. All products under this Category are also 100% Original Guaranteed.
  3. Replica / Master Replica/Master Copy –  These are the “COPY” of the Original dress material. We have clearly labeled all Product Category as “Original” or “Replica”.

SO ANYTHING MARKED AS “ORIGINAL” is 100% Original Product

Regarding shade & color of products our Original Guarantee Policy also states that:

  1. Shades shown depend on the settings of your personal monitor and may vary from actual products.
  2. The model pictures are sometimes graphically enhanced and therefore the actual product received may slightly vary from the image shown in the product picture.



We have prepared a general reference guide for our customers who can understand difference between Original , Master Copy and a Replica: 


What are Pakistani Concept Dress Materiel:

Replica or Pakistani Concept Dress Material in a simple sentence means ” Copy of the Original Pakistani Suit or Dress Material”. In India “Replica” are available in several types. There are some low quality replicas that are made from poor Quality cotton and poor embroidery. However some companies in India manufacture very Good quality replicas as they use Lawn and Georgette. So, how can you check the Quality of Replica? The best thing to look at is material they have used. If they have used the same material that was used in the Original dress and the embroidery is same , it is a good Quality replica. Also- a good Quality replica will cost higher than some other low quality replicas available in the market. So, when you buy ensure that the Quality of Replica is good. The color should not go away in 1st wash. But , at the end of the day You cannot expect that replica will serve you the same purpose of an Original. When you buy replica , just set your expectations right and see value for money rather than comparing it with the Original product.  You cannot expect the replica to have Swarovski crystals or other extra accessories which comes with the original product as sometimes shown in the picture. You should think about replica as good quality daily wear. At Fashion Station we source replica from best Indian brands like Shreefabs, MF, Deepsy etc and they are good Value for Money products. But on a rare occasion a replica might be significantly different from the Original product, and rightly so due to a huge price difference. We recommend that  you wash them or send them for dry clean before getting them stitched to avoid shrink and color issues. The model picture shown for REPLICA on our website is only for reference purpose only and the actual material you will receive can be a lot different in terms of quality , color or shade. We recommend that you buy ORIGINALS only from Original Section of our website if you want the material to look same as given in product picture.

Master Copy: Master Copy is also a replica but they are almost 80 to 90% similar to the original as they are exact copy of the Original product. The fabric used in master replica is almost the same that was used in the original product. The embroidery is very close to the Original and you can see through the open picture (if available) that there is hardly any difference. Usually  it will cost at half  or even less than half the price of the Original.


A few points to remember :

  • Replica can never ever replace an Original.
  • Don’t buy a replica if you want something for an occasion – most of the times its good only for daily use.
  • No one can give you fabric , colors guarantee for a replica. If anyone does – it means they are cheating!
  • Replica will never have extra accessories like beads , tassels etc.
  • Try to go for an Original – 1 Original is better than 10 replica dresses. 🙂


OUR entire range of  ORIGINAL products comes with Original Guarantee Program

If you have further queries , don’t hesitate to contact us. You may contact us via Whatspp at +918826278688 or via email at [email protected] and we will gladly help you chose the best dress!



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