Master copy and Replica- Be Careful while shopping


How Copies and Replicas are ruining the Fabric Market

Its amazing to see that Even when the SANA SAFINAZ collection is now out , yet we have the Master Copies , ready to be flooded in the Market at a lower price. A few vendors are selling them at a lower price and saying that it is indeed the master copy. That’s fair. But a few of them are selling them as “ORIGINALS” and quoting a lesser rate than the Original and trying to fool the customer. Yes, that’s all happening in Indian clothing market.

Below is the Proof. The super hit design 3B of the NEW SANA SAFINAZ LAWN 2017 has a clone. It looks quite identical , but at the end of the day it is a copy. Wait for a few more days you will see copies of all designs everywhere.


The above picture is that of a COPY of the following DESIGN 


Unbelievable ? Yes , but its true. No one got the chance to get the real feel of the Original as the stocks have not arrived in India but here we have its MASTER COPY AND REPLICA clones ready to be shipped!!

I have absolutely no problem in purchasing or selling a COPY. Why will I have a problem when I am told that its a copy? But , I am agonized , frustrated and sad when someone sells me a COPY and says its an ORIGINAL! That’s cheating my friend.  Of-course , it is because I paid for an Original product and I got a copy! That’s the reason that online shoppers have to select the vendor or a website carefully. The shoppers need to be smart enough to identify if they are getting the products for which they are paying the hard earned money.

Selection of the supplier is important. I can see that hardly any website has labelled products as “Originals” or “REPLICAS” or “COPIES” , the way has done.

The Fashion Station clearly labels and marks all products under different parent categories and you get the products for which you spent your hard earned money. They have also prepared a “Guide” which explains the difference between Original and a Copy. You can read that guide here.



About the Author:

Ms. Priya Nair is a well known designer and a blogger and writes blogs as a guest including The Fashion Station on Latest fashion and online shoppers.  



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    • Mohammad syed says:

      Hi- Yes copy is a replica of the Original product. We have both copy and originals available. It depends on your choice and budget which one you would want to order.

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