MAK- Alkaram

Mak- alkaram



“MAK- Alkaram” is an acronym for Miss Alkaram, a new clothing brand being launched by the powerhouse, Alkaram. MAK is a young and fresh take on design and limited accessories brand portfolio.

Alkaram studio is one of the fastest growing and reliable online clothing shopping store in Pakistan. Being the leading brand in fashion fabrics and home textiles, Alkaram offers the most stylish, trending, and high-quality products which add colors in the life of buyers.

Mak- alkaram

Fawad Anwar- The man behind the success of Alkaram:

The company has evolved from being a one-man, owner-driven business, to becoming a professional, vertically integrated organization under 9-years of leadership of Fawad Anwar, managing director of Alkaram textile mills (pvt) ltd. “For the company’s culture to change, I had to transform myself first,” says Fawad, while talking about the most significant difference in the Alkaram of today compared to previous decades. Anwar believes that he had to be the first to buy into such transformation, changing himself so that the company’s culture could follow.


Mak- alkaram


Born and raised in Karachi, with an MBA from Drexel University in the US, Anwar always knew exactly what his focus was going to be – taking charge of the successful textile business his family established in the early 1950s. Founded in 1986 after the family’s acquisition of Adamjee industries, ‘Alkaram’, as it is known today, is a portmanteau of his grandfather’s name, Karim, and his grandmother’s name, Amna.

His approach to business risk involves extensive planning before expanding or investing in new products, and he admits to having a conservative outlook when it comes to considering investments in startups – ‘it’s always interesting to learn what it is, but that’s about it.’

MAK is a new girls clothing brand being launched by the powerhouse, Alkaram. MAK is a young and fresh take on clothing design and limited accessories brand portfolio. The philosophy of MAK is built by keeping in mind a young teenage girl who’s on her way to actively explore ideas to find herself. MAK helps her in this process by giving her options to set her individual style statement, fused with “minimal” and “over the top” designs, tailored in an effortlessly chic way.

The primary target for MAK is the 13 to 18 year old urban girl. She is growing older and is still getting used to her new skin. The child in her is carefree and focused on fun while a part of her has become aware of the “realities of life”. No longer protected by her childhood bubble she is preparing herself for the future and is aware of the responsibilities that it will bring. Hence, she is conscious about contributing back to society and she actively volunteers while balancing a fun lifestyle. She is a strong advocate of the re-use philosophy and hence looks for creative DIY solutions to convert items. The MAK allows this, our cuts are bold, the colors striking. While the world might look like a fantasy, wearing MAK allows the girl to bring a little of the MAK back to reality.






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