Customer Queries

Dear Patron

Starting from Monday – June 10 2019 – We will not be using whatsapp to answer customer queries.

We request you to use CHAT feature on our website to send your query. The Chat Icon is on the Bottom Left of your screen when you visit

We will be using whatsapp (+918368718400) only to send Notifications about The Fashion Station like any news related to FSTN , Sale Announcements , Sending new Collection updates.

Please do not delete our number (+918368718400)  from your Phone – Otherwise you will not be able to receive the broadcast messages.

The reason to move to a chat solution instead of whatsapp are many – a few listed here :

1. There is no chance of message getting deleted and everything will be at one place only.

2. Canned Chats – so any previous chat will always be there in chat history.

3. No need to write emails as all chat will automatically go to your mail box and many more!

4. Ability to handle large customers list. No whatsapp crashes and all when we have Thousands of clients!!

We hope you will like this new feature and continue to support us to make your shopping experience better!!!

Thank you –

The Fashion Station Team :))

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