Agha Noor Kurti

The Agha Noor Pakistani Kurti is one of the most traditional forms of traditional clothing for women. This type of dress is preferred by women belonging to all age groups and social strata. This is because the design which includes a full skirt, with the addition of a beautiful head scarf that covers almost the entire face and which ends at the waist is considered to be a representative of the pure form of the religion Islam. It is worn by subcontinent women all over the world as a symbol of their faith and also as a fashion accessory. The neck scarf is usually long and loosely draped around the neck, while the hand or belt is smaller and can be worn around the waist.

Agha Noor

While looking at this type of clothing it is important to note that the Agha Noor is available in many different designs and styles. This includes the modern type with embellishments and zardozi work, which also has a longer length. It can also be made from silk, which is considered to be the finest and the tastiest silk available in the market today. The design can be chosen from a variety of zardozi patterns which include the intricate and complex geometric designs, which are usually used in India and Pakistan and also to make the Kurtis. The design of Agha Noor can also vary based upon the taste of the woman who wears it.


Women who wear Agha Noor are not only proud of the fact that they are able to wear a garment that represents their faith and their culture, but they are also proud of the fact that it is a sign of status. This type of dress is considered to be a symbol of status, which women of higher class wear. The design also allows them to show their beauty and elegance.

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